Relax – your safety is guaranteed.

The cleaning of both public and private healthcare facilities meets the highest hygiene standards. Cico Cleaning has been offering cleaning services to healthcare facilities such as private clinics, private doctors’ practices, medical centres, and scientific laboratories for years.

Cico Cleaning’s staff have been working in the field for years and they always keep up to date with the new procedures. They select the best products and equipment to offer you a highly professional service. Our services include deep cleaning, sanitation, and sterilisation of all healthcare facilities.

Cooperating in scientific partnerships with universities and research centres, the company develops eco-friendly detergents and disinfectants which are part of cutting-edge international cleaning systems.

Specialists in cleaning procedures and treatments.

Cico Cleaning cleans offices, warehouses, banks, schools, hospitals and all kinds of business premises.

We also use aerial platforms and ladders to clean windows and vertical furniture both indoors and outdoors.

Cico Cleaning offers an all-encompassing cleaning service, which includes special treatments. Our qualified staff employs tried and tested procedures to ensure the salubrity of canteens, workplaces and hospital wards. We take care of all cleaning needs from floors and delicate surfaces to post-construction or refurbishing cleaning.

Disinfection of healthcare facilities.

Cico Cleaning meets the highest hygiene and disinfection standards of any healthcare facility, thus providing a totally safe and relaxed atmosphere.

Hospitals, private clinics, day hospitals, doctors’ practices, scientific laboratories, research centres as well as pharmaceutical companies and chemical analytical laboratories can benefit from our staff’s many years of experience in the field of health and hygiene. We can also ensure that our staff follow the latest procedures.

Products and equipment are carefully selected by Cico Cleaning’s professional staff, who provide their services not only to healthcare facilities, but also to:



Certified products and sustainability.

Cico Cleaning offers an all-encompassing service ranging from providing quality food and safe spaces to implementing sustainable methodologies, reducing waste and the environmental impact, and optimising procedures. We tailor our services to our customers’ needs.

The ingredients of the detergents used by Cico Cleaning are certified and fully traceable to ensure the highest quality and safety; Cico Cleaning collaborates with ISO-certified companies to produce safe detergents even for food companies.

Certificates of cleaning products and suppliers


European Ecolabel

CICO Service, Certificazione Ecolabel


Eco-Bio cleaners

CICO Service, Certificazione ICEA


Environmental Product Declaration

CICO Service, Certificazione EPD


Medical-surgical equipment

CICO Service, Certificazione Presidio Medico Chirurgico

ISO 9001

Quality management

CICO Service, Certificazione ISO 9001

ISO 14001

Environmental management

CICO Service, Certificazione ISO 14001

ISO 22000

Food safety

CICO Service, Certificazione ISO 22000

ISO 45001

Safety at work

CICO Service, Certificazione ISO 45001

How Cico Cleaning works


Thorough analysis of specific needs.


Top cleaning and disinfection services.


Process engineering and working teams with specialists.


Activity assignment and implementation of the operating model.


Monitoring and checking of results in compliance with the objectives.


Constant strive for improvements with an eye to the overall efficiency.

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