High cuisine at your place

Meal delivery requires an attentive selection of recipes which must meet specific standards both for the quantity, the quality and the type of the ingredients, which will affect the cooking and thawing process. This applies to food both in cold-bond and in hot-bond.

Our Chefs and nutritionists follow the guidelines of the Fourchette Verte brand also for home delivered meals.

A company canteen
at home

Providing your staff with a high quality food service is a benefit which can spark motivation and loyalty to the company. It is a way to care for your staff’s health and give them the opportunity to spend some downtime in a relaxed and sharing environment.

The Food Mood service is perfect for companies that cannot provide a suitable space for a proper canteen. The menus delivered are sealed with MAP technology which preserves food organoleptic properties. Your food is safe and inviting at the same time.

Technology, wholesomeness and cost transparency.

Cico Service is at the forefront of food delivery using MAP technology. These are meals sealed in a protective atmosphere without added preservatives, ready to eat – a system that preserves the freshness and nutritional properties of our menus.

The well organised service, together with the efficiency of the transport and the staff dedicated to Food Mood, offers another great advantage – being able to save on organisational costs, personnel costs and the costs of supplies, storage and preparation of the dishes.

Support for the elderly

With the aim of helping people lead a comfortable life at home, especially those who have difficulty shopping and cooking, Food Mood delivers tasty, balanced and pristine dishes to your home several times a week.

Following the indications of the meal plan developed by health specialists, each meal is prepared by our Chefs to keep the body and mind of the elderly healthy – an even more important goal for people who live by themselves. The sophisticated presentation helps stimulate the spirit even before the first bite.

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