Exquisite delicacies elegantly garnished.

Our highly qualified staff will discreetly serve exquisite delicacies elegantly garnished, which will surely impress your guests at any event.

We will turn any event into a moment you and your guests will never forget; you will be delighted by the delectable flavours and the sophisticated mise en place that characterise all our dishes.

Unspoiled food, always.

Safe equipment and spaces.

The goodness of our dishes remains our top priority also for social events. Our division Cico Cleaning makes sure everything is sanitised to ensure your guests the best possible experience in a safe environment.

Healthy and unspoiled food is our forte, whether we are catering at your company or at an outdoor location. Cico Service’s qualified staff always keep up to date with current procedures and the best practices to follow to guarantee a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere at any social event.

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