A balanced diet within everyone’s reach.

Our Chefs prepare balanced menus which are ideal for the workplace. Comfortable, sanitised and cosy spaces make the perfect environment to de-stress and spark your creativity and dynamism.

The Swiss Food Pyramid is at the centre of our catering services at the workplace. A balanced and well-rounded diet is the goal of our dieticians. They select gourmet recipes as well as authentic Mediterranean dishes with a combination of flavours that will make your taste buds dance.

Every meal we serve has a story.


When sustainability becomes important.

We collaborate with local farmers to prepare environmentally friendly menus. The variety of the food selection is guaranteed by the experience of Cico Service Chefs.


Organisation, Setting up and Management.

Cico Service can design, set up and manage kitchens and company canteens, and it offers single-portion and multi-portion meals prepared in a cool-hot bond.

Food Mood

We never compromise on quality.

If you cannot provide food-safe spaces, our Food Mood service will deliver meals sealed with MAP technology which preserves food organoleptic properties.


A solution to every need.

Cico Service offers tailor-made solutions to your company and can guarantee a balanced diet and food safety to all workers.

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